What are the Daily Activities Accrding to NDIS?

NDIS Core Supports for Daily Activities

Daily Activities Support according to NDIS?

According to the NDIS, daily activities includes all of the household routines and activities that are naturally completed throughout the span of each day, such as getting out of bed, brushing teeth, eating, drinking, washing the dishes, bathing, doing laundry, and so on. Supports for daily living by the NDIS also include additional help with day-to-day tasks such as housekeeping and garden upkeep. ADACSS provides NDIS services to support your daily activities. Reach our friendly team to explore the best service for you!

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    Which services are included under Daily Activities?

    NDIS Core Supports daily activities provide assistance to improve your freedom and mobility as well as providing personal hygiene items and supportive equipment depending on your needs. Additionally, you can get help from a support worker to engage in social, cultural, or community events. NDIS emphasises that there are times when the recipients may not have the financial flexibility they may require, especially when it comes to transportation. Transportation support provided by the NDIS is aimed at enabling recipient support to commute to work, or other locations in accordance with their NDIS plan’s objectives. Support recipients have several options for how they might use their transportation funds and how they get compensated.

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    Who is eligible Daily Activities help from NDIS?

    NDIS daily activities support is within the reach of every qualifying individual regardless of their living arrangements whether the person lives independently or is in a shared living arrangement. The degree and amount of assistance provided by the NDIS vary depending on the level of the individual’s capacity of independence; for example, weekend care is relatively costlier under the NDIS pricing guide. Week-end care is typically available to NDIS participants who have a significant and complicated daily impairment as a result of their disability. You can read our NDIS Eligibility and Criteria page for further information.

    On the other hand, NDIS Core Supports also leaves room to budget for everyday items at a reasonable cost. The claimable amount on your consumables budget must be mentioned in your plan and once it is allocated, it’s quite flexible for everyday needs. 

    NDIS cope supports consumables recipients may get up to AUD1,500 to spend on daily use items. When administered appropriately, this is a fair amount. To give an idea, food supplements and disposable hygiene items fall under the consumables category however it is not just limited to purchasing goods. 

    There are also services available such as equipment delivery, live interpreting for calls as well as sign language training. Reach us to know your eligibility!

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    NDIS daily activities examples

    • Main daily needs such as showering, shaving, dressing and so on.
    • Medication follow-up
    • Help to make you be able to access the community including transportation
    • Domestic assistance and gardening
    • Shopping & cooking
    • Physical fitness training support

    There are in fact, ingenious ways recipients can use their allocated budget following their needs. As another example, one may qualify to purchase an electronic device, like an iPad, to be able to book healthcare appointments or counselling sessions from a distance. Especially during the pandemic restrictions, tablets have become a household necessity for individuals with a disability to be able to organise their lives including the support provided. Before the pandemic, however, electronic and other items used by the majority of the population weren’t typically paid for by the NDIS.

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    Do note that grocery and chemist items that are needed but that don’t directly relate to your disability (such as cosmetics, snacks, etc.) are not a part of the consumables budget, nor are prescription medications. If a crucial item or service you need costs more than A$1,500, you will be required to get a few quotes before getting an NDIS budget approval. No need to say that every individual will have different needs at different phases of their lives and their consumables requirements will also vary. Despite having firm boundaries, NDIS Core Supports on daily activities and consumables can also get quite diverse when you stretch your thinking divergently.

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    Naturally, there will be times when you’ll need to purchase equipment or specialty items that cost above your daily activities or consumables budget. When this is the case just know that the costly item probably falls under another NDIS budget category. Because these types of purchases must be safe and the right tool for you individually, our NDIS representatives can make sure that the specific purchase/model/type/technology is the best suited for your situation.

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