Disability Parking Permit in NSW

Disability Parking Permit Guide

Disabled parking spots are very common throughout the country,so it’s very probable that a disabled person can get a permit for using disabled parking spots. In this blog post we, as the team of ADACare, are going to be talking about who is eligible for getting a parking permit, and how you can apply for one. There are also limits to how long you can stay parked and you can get fines for not following the rules. To use all the advantages of your disability parking permit in NSW, you need to know the meaning of some signs for disabled persons. In NSW these special parking spots are provided by the Mobility Parking Scheme.

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How to Get a Disabled Parking Permit

In order to qualify for a disabled parking permit, you need to have a disability as defined by the legislation, andyou must also be a resident of NSW. The disabled individual is eligible if:
1. the person is unable to walk due to a permanent or a temporary loss or use of one of two legs
2. the person is unable to walk because of another medical condition
3. the person is negatively affected as a result of walking more than a 100 meters
4. the person needs a mobility aid of any sorts

Disabled parking permits are also in some cases issued to people who are permanently blind. If you have permanent blindness, you can ask your doctor for more details about getting a disabled parking permit.

Disabled Parking Sign

As long as your disability parking permit is situated correctly in the car, on the left-hand side of the passenger seat, you can take advantage of special parking conditions in some spots. These perks include parking your car in time-limited parking areas for longer periods of time.

1p green parking sign nsw

A person with a disabled parking permit in NSW can park here indefinitely.

2 hour parking sign green

A disabled person can park here indefinitely.

10 minute parking sign nsw

A person with a disabled parking permit in NSW is allowed a maximum of 30 minutes of parking here.

1/4 p parking sign nsw

Same thing above.

30 minute parking sign nsw

A person with a disabled parking permit in NSW is allowed a maximum 2 hours of parking here.

bus lane sign black nsw

No parking or stopping is allowed here in any circumstance.

clearway sign nsw

Exactly the same thing above.

no parking sign nsw

Disability parking permit holders can stop for up to 5 minutes to drop off or pick up, but the driver must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle.

red no stopping sign nsw

No parking or stopping is allowed here in any circumstance.

taxi zone red sign nsw

Exactly the same thing above.

truck zone sign red nsw

No parking or stopping.

These special parking conditions are only available for on-street parking and council operated car parks.

Disability Parking Permit NSW Cost

The fees below apply to Mobility Parking Scheme Permits. Other eligible concession card holders may be eligible for free permits.

Mobility Parking Scheme NSW fees:

Individual – $45 (concession – $0)

Temporary – $14 (concession – $0)

Organisation – $45 (concession is not available)

There is also no fee for an Australian Disability Parking Permit when it’s issued with a NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit. Every New Year transport for NSW fees may increase as part of the annual NSW Treasury approved Consumer Price Index, so you can check out prices for Disability Parking Permit costs here.

If your Disability Parking Permit is stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed, it can be replaced by paying a small fee. You’ll need to complete a Mobility Parking Scheme Application form to apply for a replacement. Replacement fees are $14 and $7 if you have a concession. There isn’t a fee for a replacement Australian Disability Parking Permit. If it needs to be replaced, you’ll need to provide evidence that you hold a current NSW Mobility Parking Scheme card.

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Disabled Parking Fines NSW

As long as you follow the rules, you will not get a fine.. It should be noted that fines range from $100 all the way up to $700. So it is advised that the individuals don’t break any rules and drive safely. As there are so many rules and parking offences, it’s impossible to write all of them here. So you can check out all the parking offences and rules by clicking here.