Making Moving Easier for People with Disabilities

In this article, ADACare discusses how to make moving easier for people with disabilities. We’ll cover topics from finding and purchasing an accessible property, to packing and unpacking, to moving day, and more. This article is meant to be a resource for those with physical impairments who are considering whether they’re able to move or not and want advice on how to do so with the least amount of difficulty possible.

Advice for first-time homebuyers with disabilities

If you’re new to the process of home buying but have any kind of physical disability in need of accommodation, it’s important to speak with a real estate agent as soon as possible. A good agent will be able to help you find an accessible property that will work best for your needs and also give advice on which options are available given your particular situation.

In addition to an agent, it’s a good idea for first-time homebuyers with disabilities to have some family or friends on hand during the house-hunting process. These people can help out with lifting, carrying and moving things around as needed.

If you’re not a first-time buyer and need to prepare your house for sale, talk to your real estate agent about what you need to do, and consult this checklist to make the process easier.

adult man on a wheelchair

How to make the moving process less stressful

When moving, there are certain things that can make the process less stressful for people with disabilities.

Be careful to cover up any cords and cables around your home so you don’t trip over them while carrying boxes or other items. It’s also a good idea to have some family or friends on hand to help with various tasks.

Make a point to have everything packed and ready to go before moving day so you don’t have to worry about tackling this at the last minute. On the subject of packing, be sure not to overpack so you can avoid carrying heavy boxes as much as possible.

Another helpful thing to remember is to ask for help from others. You might be surprised at how willing people are to help you out on moving day, and having someone nearby who can lend a hand when needed will make the process that much easier.

Helpful moving day ideas

If possible, try to rent a truck that has an accessible ramp so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy items up and down steps. If you can afford it, consider hiring removalists instead. Professionals are more deft at handling a move, and you can count on your belongings arriving to your new destination safe and intact.

When moving into your new home, be aware of things such as thresholds and door frames. It’s important to get rid of any unnecessary thresholds (especially at the front door) since they can make it difficult for you if you have a wheelchair or other mobility device.

If there are doors with very narrow opening widths in your new home consider having them replaced with ones that are more accessible.

Raising awareness about moving with a disability

This can be a difficult process that many people aren’t aware of.  It’s important to speak up about your situation and the difficulties it can cause when moving. It’ll help bring awareness to those who have a disability in need of accommodation, as well as make real estate companies aware that people with disabilities need more than just accessible properties. They also need an accessible buying experience.

Wrapping Up

The process of moving can be a lot more difficult for people with disabilities, especially if they have mobility impairments. It’s important to raise awareness on this subject and educate others about the difficulties that come with it – from finding accessible properties to packing and unpacking to moving day. Hopefully, this article gives you some good ideas