NDIS Disability Support

Assistance with daily life | NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS Disability Support

At ADACSS, we provide services to cater to your NDIS requirements. We are here to offer individual disability support throughout Sydney. From in-home nursing with one-to-one clinical care to help with the management of your NDIS plan. Our aim is to support your daily goals whilst you remain independent, living the life you choose.

What is NDIS?

NDIS means National Disability Insurance Scheme that aims to support a better life for Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers.

ADACSS as NDIS Registered Disability Provider Services

As a registered disability provider, we want to support your daily needs and give you the freedom to make your own decisions. We are here to help you or a loved one live an independent and fulfilling life. Therefore, we offer a range of services, including helping you get out and about in the community with social activities. In addition, we offer help with transport arrangements to get you around, as well as home and domestic care to help out around the house and much more. Whatever your needs, we have these covered and can tailor them to your disability support package.

ADACSS takes a personalised approach when providing services to cater to your needs. We believe everyone has the right to live the life they want. Therefore, our disability support services will help you achieve your NDIS goals

Maintain your independence 
with our disability support services

How do I claim disability benefits?

You will need to visit the NDIS website at ndis.gov.au to learn more about eligibility and how to apply. We can then work with you to achieve your goals at a time that suits you. In conclusion, it will be your daily living support, tailored to your way of living. 

What benefits are available for a disabled person?

The NDIS is Australia’s national scheme who provides funding to give you the disability support you need. 

To ensure you or a loved one gets the support you need, we have a range of services to cater to your needs. Should you need assistance with day to day activities, we have a comprehensive range of disability care and support services.

We can help you with:

  • Support getting ready for the day
  • Helping you with household tasks and cleaning
  • Personal care, such as showering and toileting
  • Helping you feel good with healthy, nourishing meals
  • Support and assistance with the management of medication or nursing
  • Travel support to get out and about in your community and meetup with friends
  • Support with health and fitness

Support to live
the way you want


NDIS disability standards

At ADACSS, we ensure we meet the national disability standards whilst catering to your needs. We understand everyone is unique but all our carers are trained to the highest quality to ensure they meet your goals in a safe and secure manor. Safety is our number one priority when supporting your needs.

We will work closely with you to identify your needs to ensure you or your loved one has access to the support you need such as:

  • Daily living assistance to help you feel confident and maintain your independence
  • Activities that are meaningful and are of your choice
  • The level of disability care you need
  • Services to develop daily living skills and employment support
  • Support to help you expand your social connections and improve relationships

What does the national disability insurance scheme do?

Do you need assistance understanding the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) or coordinating your care plan? We can help. We will work with you throughout every step of the process to get the most from your NDIS plan. From supporting your health and wellbeing to providing you with avenues to participate in work, education, sports and other activities that you may wish to get involved in. Overall, we will help you achieve what you want in the way you want it.

Our Disability Support

Call us on 0439 108 935 or submit an enquiry and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you with disability support. Any questions you have or any support you need, we can help.

Your goals are our goals, lets make them happen together


Contact us on 0439 108 935 or submit an enquiry speak with one of our friendly coordinators who will guide you through the process.


Visit the NDIS website at ndis.gov.au to learn more about eligibility and to develop a support plan.


Receive support services from ADACSS according to your plan and live the life you choose with ongoing support.

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We’ll help you get the most from your NDIS plan and provide the daily support that suits your lifestyle