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Across many countries in the world, complementary and alternative medicine is implemented into the overall health systems just like Australia and NDIS. This aims to make use of all available therapeutic approaches. Complementary therapies are a subsection of integrative medicine and they are applied as adjuncts to classical medical care.

Massage is accepted as an integrative therapy, it has been used since ancient times to enhance health and healing. The first book about Chinese medicine, which was written more than 250 years ago, proves massage therapy has been helpful since those times by stating “applied finger pressure to points that are putatively sensitised by organ impairment”.

Massage therapy is defined as applying systematic manipulation to soft tissues in the body like muscles and connective tissue. Using fixed and movable pressure with the application of touch and movement aims to improve quality of life and provide relaxation. Massage therapy is useful in relieving pain, boosting circulation, relaxing tight muscles and joints, helping manage tension better by decreasing stress hormone levels, helping the body secreting more serotonin, thus enhancing an overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy For Elderly

Medical research has shown that up to 50 percent of older adults report pain, severe enough to interfere with normal function on a daily basis. Persistent pain could be a troublesome situation for the elderly. The degree to which pain interferes with function is chiefly depending on the individual’s burden of biopsychosocial state and concomitant diseases.

Complementary medical applications are being used for the elderly to optimise treatment. Nonpharmacologic approaches are utilized in place or in addition to pharmaceutical drugs. These therapies include physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, massage, and others. These therapies are low-cost, with minimal side effects. More importantly, they may decrease the dose and therefore the risk and side effects of medications. In Australia, depending on your case, you may be covered by NDIS for massage services and you can get NDIS approved massage therapy!

Medical research has demonstrated that massage therapy for the elderly can reduce stress, lessen pain and muscle tension, increase relaxation, improve immune system function. Massage therapy is especially beneficial if the individual needs help to cope with the pain and stress of numerous conditions, such as cancer, asthma, or fibromyalgia.

NDIS Massage Therapy at Home Sydney

As we age, it becomes even more crucial to take care of our bodies. The older we get, the slower the processes are completed. Day by day we are more eager to experience pain and live with it for a long while.

As well as ADACare helps you have the supplies to regularly exercise and stay active, making the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons relaxed, massage therapy provided at home offers several benefits. Here are some ways in which massage therapy help our guests:

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Benefits of the NDIS Massage Therapies

Better sleep quality

-Deeper sleep with a longer duration will help you refresh better and give more time to repair.

Relief of arthritis pain

-By massaging, the stiffness in the joints may lessen and improve the symptoms of arthritis.

Stimulating general well-being

-Massage has been proven to decrease the unhealthy buildup of cortisol, known as the stress hormone in the body, allowing the body to rest and recuperate

Improving circulation

Massage therapy increases blood flow and therefore makes you feel more energetic.

NDIS Approved Massage at Home in Sydney

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