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Who are NDIS service providers and what do they do? Basically, a service provider is a person or a business/organisation who delivers services which are funded by the NDIS. Just like us! Our job is to help you according to your needs. It is extremely important to find the right providers who will be able to match your needs. 

NDIS approved providers can be large corporations, charities and small non-profits. That’s why it’s important to have a provider which you can trust, as we will be assisting you through NDIS fund to give you the best service. (You can find more details about this subject in the next heading)

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    Why is being an NDIS registered provider important?

    Becoming registered by NDIS can be a laborious process, especially by a small provider. Because of this reason, many small providers opt for not being registered or just postpone their registration. There are some pros and cons for both situations, which we will talk about. Some pros of being an NDIS approved provider are being more trustworthy for the customer, as being registered takes time and effort as well as being committed to a certain standard of quality which allows easier access to more quality services. You also don’t need an agency for your funds, as you can request your funds directly from your registered NDIS service provider. The cons of being a registered service provider are that the provider needs to handle more paperwork and will have more expenses, which makes it less flexible for the price. 

    Approved NDIS Services We Provide

    Personal Care

    We provide a broad spectrum of personal care services ranging from persona hygiene to medication assistance and first-AID. You can also highly customise our personal care service.

    Domestic Care

    You can pick and choose any of our in-home care services to suit your needs. We also have special in-home care services for people with dementia. Our registered NDIS workers can help you with your house chores, help you move around the house and much more!

    Gardening Services

    With our gardening services, your lawn-mowing and maintenance job will be much easier. Our NDIS approved services feature a variety of services, which will surely make your lawn look really good. 

    In-Home Nurses

    Our nurses are qualified to give you a great service in order to assist you in your home according to your needs. They can also help you with your day-to-day necessities, some examples being; cooking, transportation and wound care.

    Consumable Provider

    Since persons need for a consumable might differ, we try to bring you the most useful consumables that are best suited for your budget. You can buy these consumables from our online store.

    Therapeutic Supports

    Whether it is a physical problem or a mental one, our approved NDIS services can help you to be more independent around the house or your friends. To know what kind of therapies you can get or if you are eligible or not, you can check our web page for more details.

    Transportation Services

    If you need help going from one point to another, you can get help from our transportation services. We can help you with driving your car, our car or public transportation. Our goal is to make transportation to everyone who might be struggling to do so.

    Plan Management Provider 

    Self-planning your own NDIS plan can be hard and confusing, but with the help of our NDIS approved plan managers, this laborious task can be a breeze. A plan manager can show you how to self-manage your plan or do it for you! It can also help you with your budgeting and financial skills.

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    How to Find NDIS Providers

    First of all, you need to establish what kind of services you might need, after that, you can contact your ECEI coordinator, LAC or support coordinator, who will help you get started. Our advice is to also search the internet, ask friends and family for advice or read online reviews. You might also want to talk to providers either face-to-face or on the phone, which will hopefully give you a better understanding of your NDIS plan. While choosing an NDIS provider, you should ask them questions about how they can help you and discuss how you can reach your goals at a steady pace. 

    NDIS Provider Sydney

    Our registered NDIS providers can help you find the right provider best suited for your needs. That is why our hardworking personal care providers will try to give you the best service possible. You can learn more by getting in touch with our NDIS Plan management specialists by calling us at 0292327055 or book online.

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    Once everything has been agreed and services commence, we will discuss and feedback on changes if needed.