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When to see Psychologist ?

Who is Psychologist?

Psychology is the science of mind and behavior that includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feelings and thought. Psychologists are professionals experts in human behaviour that study human behaviour, learning and thinking, and apply evidence based testing and interventions to improve mental health and to overcome personal and external issues.



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    Psychologist as Allied Health Professional

    Psychologists play a significant role in early detection and prevention pathways. Psychologists practice the diagnosis, formulation, treatment and prevention of psychological problems and mental illness. Additionally, Psychologists can engage in addressing developmental issues, learning issues, behaviour management concerns, the impacts of trauma and symptom management.

    Psychologists provide psychological assessment and treatments as individual practitioners as well as in multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary models. Other tasks performed by psychologists include behavioural assessment, teaching, cognitive assessment, personal coaching, addictions services, research and health promotion including mental and general health.


    What do Psychologists do?

    You might visit a psychologist for help with problems such as:

    A psychologist can also help you deal with challenges you may face in life such as:
    Psychologists work in areas such as schools, hospitals, community health services, courts, prisons, businesses and private practices. As ADACSS Allied Health Professional, psychologists specialise in helping children, teenagers or families. More information about the types of psychologists is available on the Australian Psychological Society (APS) website.

    When to see a Psychologist?

    • Most of people at some point in their lives will benefit from seeing a psychologist. Psychologists can help people deal with everything from childhood behavioural issues or learning difficulties to trauma and loss. 

    For instance, people psychologist including but not limited:

    • Individuals struggling with mental illness
    • People dealing with major health problems
    • School students with learning difficulties
    • A young person dealing with sexuality issues
    • Elderly people living with dementia
    • Military personnel coping with trauma
    • A new mother not coping
    • Couples and families with relationship challenges
    • Organisational leaders wanting the best out of their staff
    • Courts deciding what’s best for children of separated parents
    • Elite athletes seeking peak performance
    • A young person contemplating suicide
    • Individuals battling addictions
    • Victims of natural disasters

    What Services ADACSS Psychologists provide?

    Population size and the prevalence of Mental Illness are increasing, with approximately 1 in 5 Australians having a diagnosable Mental Health illness. 

    Psychologists provide their professional expertise by assessing and diagnosing a range of problems, developing strategies and evidence-based treatments, and offering guidance and support.  Diagnosis rates for common issues such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism are increasing. 

    Client preconceptions, reduced stigma, community knowledge, service awareness and accessibility and visibility of key programs drive service demand. 5% of practice hours are delivered to adults aged over 65.

    When to visit a Psychologist?

    There isn’t a set amount of funding provided by the NDIS. Your funding will be based on your disability and circumstances, you can receive any amount of funding as long as it’s reasonable and necessary. Your request will then be reviewed and approved by an NDIS professional. You can either self-manage your plan or you can include a plan manager in your NDIS plan. If you decide to self-manage your plan, you will be responsible for making appointments, managing your funding, buying the supports you require and so on. If you are unable to self-manage your plan, you can also choose to work with a plan manager who will assist you with the tasks mentioned above and much more. You can find registered providers by using the “provider finder” tool in your NDIS MySpace portal or you can just call us! A parent or a responsible adult can also manage an NDIS plan on behalf of a child if he/she is under 18 years old.

    ADACSS Allied Health Professionals can help

    ADACSS Psychologists are registered by the APHRA, which means that they have met stricts professional, quality and safety requirements. 

    To learn more about the NDIS funding on Allied Health Professional Psychologist or if you have any questions you can always contact us. As the team of ADACSS, we are here to help anyone that might need help in Sydney. Get in touch with our NDIS Plan management specialists by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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