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NDIS Consumables Providers

Every NDIS plan differs from one person to another, as a result their requirement for consumables might also be different. So finding what you exactly need might be hard for you or your loved one. That’s where we can help, our providers in Sydney will find the consumable items that you are looking for.

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    NDIS Consumables Guide

    Mainly the NDIS support splits into three categories, them being; Core Supports, Capital Services and Capacity Building Activities.

    Core Supports:

    By the broader definition, the NDIS consumables fall into this category. Core support mostly covers the items that are used on a daily basis and/or will help you manage your personal disability better. Many of these items are disposable or consumable items, making them cheaper, thus being included in the NDIS plans more often.

    Capital Services:

    For an individual, an assistive technology might be needed in order to perform day-to-day tasks that otherwise might be laborious for the disabled-individual. Capital services allow people who need it to, be completely independent in their house and/or dedicated workplace. These items are categorized in levels, going from less to higher complex and expensive items.

    Level 1: These are basic technologies and include low-cost items. These items are also easy to set-up, some examples may be non-slip mat, smoke alarms and so on.

    Level 2: These items are a little more complex than level one but they can still be bought easily and easy to set up. These aids may include shower stools, handrails or  portable ramps.

    Level 3: These items are more complex and expensive than the other two levels that might be needed to be purchased from specialised stores. Some examples for these aids are equipment you might need for easier movement such as wheelchairs and etc.

    Level 4: These aiding items are specifically designed for your special needs, these items are also custom made for you. These items include custom made prosthetics or communication aids.

    Capacity-Building Activities:

    These services help you reach your skill-based goal in the long-term. You can learn more about this by clicking Therapeutic Supports page.

    What can I buy under consumables?

    When it comes to getting the most out of your NDIS plan, consumables are the first things to come to mind. Understanding what your budget is and what the NDIS funds is also really important. So what are the things you might need to know about consumables? Well as the name implies, these items are mostly one-use things and don’t cost as much as other services. The consumables budget mostly covers up to 1500$. A good example might be special food supplies and/or some personal aid items. Another important thing to note is that your plan is flexible as long as it’s necessary and reasonable. When management is done correctly, your consumables budget will help you for a long time, that’s why as the team of ADACSS we have a plan management team. Call us today to create or modify your NDIS Plan.


    Where You Can Buy Consumable Products?

    ADACSS is an NDIS registered consumable provider and has an online shop for consumables (click here to visit), where you can find everything you need all in one convenient location. You can also contact us whenever you have a question.

    Working with a registered NDIS plan management coordinator is secure and highly important for a customer. Being registered shows that the company has met strict government quality and safety requirements.

    What Does a Plan Manager Do?

    The plan managers job is to help you navigate through the NDIS’ system in order to help you get the most out of your funding. Your plan manager can also pay providers on your behalf., take care of the financial reporting that might be needed etc. Even if you have a plan manager, you still have the independence over your plan, so you can choose, arrange and modify your own supports, including service providers.

    Why Trust ADACSS?

    We will be more than happy to help you to find the best possible consumables. As the team of ADACSS, we are here to help anyone that might need help in Sydney. Get in touch with our NDIS Plan management specialists by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online

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