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Is a disability making your, your significant others or your loved one relative’s life harder? Then you might consider our in-home care services in order to have complete independence in

your home life. Our NDIS approved home-care providers can give you the support that you might need.

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    Ageing Disability and Home Care Sydney

    Due to being at an older age, your loved one might be having a hard time performing day-to-day tasks. First of all, if you are under 65, you need to check if you are eligible for NDIS and if your need is necessary and reasonable to be funded. Once you start receiving NDIS funding services, you can continue receiving services and fundings by the NDIS, if you were over 65 when you became less independent over your daily life you need to check with  Continuity of Support (CoS) to know for sure whether you are eligible or not.

    What are Personalised Home-Care Packages?

    The government funds for different levels of home-care packages according to your needs and whether it’s reasonable and whether it’s a necessity or not. These levels are:

    Level 1 supports people who have basic needs (approximately 9.000$ a year)

    Level 2 supports people who have lower-level needs (approximately 15.000$ a year)

    Level 3 supports people who have average care needs (approximately 34.000$ a year)

    Level 4 supports people with a higher need for care (approximately 52.000$ a year) 

    Personalised home-care packages will be determined through your needs and necessities. So, the price differs as well. 

    ADACSS Home Care Services

    You can choose any service we provide to suit your needs. We can offer you a broad range of cares that you or your loved one might need. These services are, but not limited to:

    Helping with the house chores

    These chores are, but not limited to: light cleaning around the house, washing or changing bed sheets and usual day-to-day task. You can also check our garden maintenance services by clicking here.

    Basic meal preparation

    The caretaker can aid you in your kitchen or prepare you a whole meal if needed.

    Looking after pets

    Yes, if your disability is making it harder for you to take care of your pet, our home-care providers can help you.

    Transportation aid

    The caretaker can help you to go to places, whether it’s going to a shop or meeting up with your friends. The caretaker can also do your shopping for you.

    Personal help

    Your caretaker can also help you with your personal care, such as showering, dressing or grooming.

    In-home Care for Seniors with Dementia

    Life might be harder if you have dementia or Alzheimer’s, our experienced caretakers can help you raise the life-quality of your loved one. People with dementia or Alzheimer’s are often eligible for level 4 care-packages so they can get the most out of plan. You can also check any of our services to suit your needs.

    How to Start a Care Home for the Disabled

    Life-span becoming longer, and younger people pursuing their dreams more has made some older/disabled people more dependent, that’s why personal home-care plays a big role in the community. To start a care home, you must first contact your local town or city, some cities prohibit too many care home service providers. The next step to start a care home service is to contact your state and county licensing department to obtain the information needed to operate and run a care home facility. The licensing department may encourage classes and seminars. Complete the applications for all licences and certifications, and you can move in customers after your care home is fully operating and ready. After approval, the home is monitored and routinely inspected by the agencies for compliance.

    Why Trust ADACSS

    Whether it’s an ageing disability or a sickness, our skilled NDIS home-care providers can support you with the help you might need.  As the team of ADACSS, we are here to help anyone that might need help in Sydney. Get in touch with our NDIS Plan management specialists by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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