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Social and Community Participation

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Whether it be taking a class, exercising, volunteering or going to gatherings, social outings are a great way to meet people and make new friends. We want to connect you with people who have similar interests and essentially we want you to have fun and explore new social activities! 

Social, community participation

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    Social and Community Participation

    Social and community participation is not just about having fun, it is also a great way to improve your mental health and interact with people who have similar interests with you. There are several benefits in social participation that include:

    • Improved social skills
    • Meeting people 
    • Common interests 
    • Enhanced self-esteem 
    • Connection in your community 
    • Mental health
    • Better mood 
    • Reduced risk of depression
    • Healthier lifestyle 

    Depending on your personality, you may find social participation challenging. Just let us know how you feel and what activities you enjoy doing and we can work with you to support your needs. Social isolation can make you feel worse, therefore we are more than happy to encourage you to give you a more happier and healthier lifestyle. 


    NDIS Social Groups

    As a registered NDIS provider, ADACSS offers some great social groups in and around Sydney. Our aim is to ensure you can complete your activities in a safe and supportive way whilst interacting and engaging with new people completing new activities. From exploring the beautiful tourist attractions, going to the theatre or cinema, attending meet-ups or groups, going to the pub or restaurants, joining a club or exercising we are here to help you achieve your goals.

    NDIS Social Activities

    Sydney is a big city and therefore there are plenty of things to do. To help you try out new things, below are some examples of social activities in and around Sydney:

    • Whale watching 
    • Sea Life Sydney Aquarium 
    • Exploring the Royal National Park 
    • Seeing the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney 
    • Sydney Markets 
    • Sydney Zoo
    • Sydney Ferries
    • Comedy or Theatre 
    • Musicals or Cinemas 
    • Classes or Workshops
    • Eating and drinking 
    • Fitness classes and Yoga 
    Above all, whatever social activity you choose to do, we will help and support your entire day. We can help arrange transport, tickets and participation. In addition, you will remain independent with an improved quality of life. 

    Funded Activities by NDIS

    The NDIS can help pay support funding for participants that include daily personal activities and transport to enable participation in community, social and daily life activities. Your NDIS plan likely consists of two types of community participation funding, them being core and capacity building funding.

    Core Supports

    The core supports funding mostly covers the support, individuals need, in order to meet their goals and dreams. Core support helps these individuals by helping them take part in a community or going to social/recreational events. These events often take place in a centre or a community setting. Some examples for core supports are:

    • Encouraging individuals to attend development courses 
    • Supporting you to join a social group 
    • Helping them taking an outing, going on a vacation or encouraging them to go on a holiday camp
    • Supporting them to go see a movie or theatre
    • Encouraging them to start exercising more or joining a sporting club

    Capacity Building Supports

    Capacity building support, unlike core support, funds for tuition fees, art/skill classes, coaching for support and activities like such in order to build the individual’s independence and help them learn new skills.  It should also be noted that as with many NDIS supports, it’s important that the support the individual wants is reasonable and necessary. So it’s important to talk with your NDIS provider, or you can call and ask us!

    Why work with ADACSS​

    ADACSS are here to support your social needs whilst you remain independent and make your own decisions. It is our job to listen to you and help you choose which social activities you wish to participate in and arrange transport to and from these services. Get in touch today to book one of these services and start interacting more within your community and improve your social skills. You can contact us by calling 0292327055send us an email or book online.

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