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Supported Disability Accommodation

Supported disability accommodation is offered to people with disabilities who need special housing solutions. Supported disability accommodation funding aims to improve your quality of life, ensure that you receive the support to live in the community and improve the delivery of your supports. For this purpose, different types of supports are funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Respite care or short-term accommodation is one of these supports categorised under supported disability accommodation. NDIS participants who are eligible for short term accommodation can benefit from accommodation support while their informal carer is unavailable for no longer than 28 days. 

Short term accommodation funding aims to ensure that you are on track with your goals, improve your independence, socialise, and that your carer can take some time off for themselves to refresh.

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    What is Respite Care?

    Respite care is support for informal carers that need to take a short break from their role. Caring for someone with a disability can be intense and carers might need to take time for themselves for a while. Respite care ensures that carers can take some time off knowing that their loved ones are safe and getting the care they need. 

    Thanks to respite care, not only do your carer get the time to refresh and take time for themselves but also you can enjoy a change of scenery, new experiences and, get a chance to make new friends. You can get respite care in your own house or at special care centres with other people.

    NDIS funds respite care, which is called Short Term Accommodation (STA) under NDIS, allowing your carer to take a break while you are in safe and capable hands.

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    NDIS Respite Accommodation

    NDIS Respite accommodation offers support when you need to spend a short amount of time away from your carer and home. NDIS funds short term accommodation which includes personal care, food, accommodation, and activities. By benefiting from NDIS short term accommodation funding you can spend some time away from your carer without any concern, develop new relationships, gain new experiences, and preserve a healthy relationship with your carer. 

    Usually, you will be accommodating with a group of people and sharing support under NDIS short term accommodation unless you require special individual support.

    How Does Short Term Accommodation Funding Work?

    If you are looking to benefit from short term accommodation funding, it is important to learn about the conditions of this support. There are different ways to utilise short term accommodation funding. You can include short term accommodation to your NDIS plan at the beginning ensuring that you can use it when necessary. If you had not included short term accommodation in your initial plan and your circumstances have changed, you can ask to get a plan reassessment to include it. However, remember that you might not need to include short term accommodation in your plan and instead use your Core budget for this type of support. This is possible if short term accommodation is in line with your goals set at the beginning of your plan preparation. To get more detailed information and guidance on short term accommodation funding you can consult your coordinator for assistance.

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    Am I Eligible for STA?

    Just like all NDIS supports, your eligibility for short term accommodation is determined by the reasonable and necessary criteria of NDIS. These criteria state that the support should be related to your disability, helps you pursue your goals and participate in the community, represent value for money, and take into account how much support your family and other resources provide. This means that your family or informal carer must be supporting you for a longer period of time. Short time accommodation should be helping you socialise, participate in different activities, and be more independent. The physical and mental health of your informal carers is also taken into consideration to ensure that they are capable of supporting you in the long term. 

    You cannot utilise short term accommodation funding for reasons other than your disability or a longer period than 28 days.

    The decision on whether you are eligible for short term accommodation funding or not is made based on the rules made under the NDIS Act. 

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    NDIS Short Term Accommodation Providers

    If you are suitable for short term accommodation funding and in need of some time away from your carer, you can spend this time at one of the numerous NDIS registered short term accommodation centres. By the rules made under the NDIS act, all of these centres are obligated to abide by the NDIS pricing arrangement and price limits. NDIS registered short term accommodation centres also ensure that you will be getting the best support in line with your goals. ADACare is one of the trustworthy NDIS registered personal care providers that offer short term accommodation support. ADACare is committed to making your and your carer’s life easier in your time of need. For further information on short term accommodation, you can consult with your provider.

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