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Do you need help with getting from A to B? We can help you by using your car, our car or public transport. Whatever transport method you prefer and feel most comfortable with, we can help you with accessible transport options to keep you doing what you enjoy in life, whether it be for daily chores or assisting you getting out and about in or around Sydney.

NDIS Transport Provider

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    What is transport support?

    The NDIS supports funding for transport assistance for a participant where it is reasonable and necessary. Generally they support use of public transport, modification to private vehicles and some costs associated with the use of taxis and private vehicles. They also fund community transport services. 

    ADACSS is a registered NDIS provider and we can assist with organising your transport services to enable you to travel independently with support, equipment and training as needed.  

    NDIS transport guidelines

    There are three levels of support for transport assistance based on an annual budget depending on your needs and requirements. 

    Level 1 – You can get $0 to $1,606 each year.   

    Level 2 – You can get from $1,606 to $2,472 each year.

    Level 3 – You can get from $2,472 to $3,456 each year.

    Since NDIS plans are really flexible there are exceptions for these levels, to quote the official NDIS website: participants may receive higher funding if the participant has either general or funded support in their plan to enable their participation in employment.”

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    NDIS transport to school

    What is supported school transportation? NSW provides school transport to eligible students with disability as a service to NDIS. It is available for students who might have a disability and have problems going from their houses to school. The support for transporting to school includes special buses, special cars, transport payments and help with walking and basic physiotherapy, so they can go to their schools independently. If you are eligible for it and you are approved, it will be mentioned in your NDIS program that you can receive school transportation support whenever you want. Your school can also assist you with your application for school transport support, you should reach out to your school and they can help you with your documents or application. If you are a student with a disability and you have questions that are unanswered, you can always contact us! school-transport-service-yellow

    Does NDIS cover transportation?

    If the individual can’t use/access public transport or they are unable to drive a car or a motorcycle then the individual is likely able to access funding for transportation from the NDIS. This funding generally takes into account all the types of transportation the individual might need including taxi rides but it does not cover the fees for the individual’s carer’s transportation or a family member who is travelling with the individual. The transportation support the NDIS covers only relate to the individual’s travel and can’t be shared. Although support providers may, when accompanying the individual, claim reasonable travel time. Some supports included in the NDIS are: 

    • Transportation to school
    • Transportation with taxi’s(private transport)
    • Public transport
    • Driver’s training 
    • Transport related aids and equipment

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