Assistance with Daily Life

Assistance with Daily Living for NDIS and My Aged Care Participants

What is the assistance with daily life?

Improved daily living assists you with daily living support and household activities in your home in order that you will have someone facilitate your with the things to be done  like cleaning, washing dishes, vacuuming. If you’re needing help with essential tasks that you’re unable to finish, ADACSS support workers can facilitate your get on top of it so you’ll be able to board a clean and safe home.

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    How can ADACSS assist with daily living?

    When it involves the NDIS or Home Care Packages, daily living is all those regular tasks and what need to be done that require to be drained the same old course of daily, like getting out of bed, showering, eating and getting around.

    The Assistance with standard of living budget is meant to support you to try and do all those things. Your NDIS plan or Home Care Package funding may be used for support workers to help with or supervise tasks, or do them for you if you’re unable to try and do them yourself.

    Some specific samples of stuff you may be able to use this funding for include:

    • Help with preparing for your day (showering, dressing etc.)
    • Support to assist you get out and about within the community including driving you to places or accompanying you on transport.
    • Help to try to to household chores like cleaning.
    • Getting help round the yard like lawn mowing.
    • Someone to help with food preparation and meals, or the prices related to meal delivery.
    • Support with health and fitness Assistance planning to appointments.

    What’s not covered?

    • The cost of food or ready-made meals (including delivered meals).
    • The cost of home items like cleaning supplies.
    • Personal items not associated with your disability like toiletries and cosmetics.
    • Rent, board or mortgage payments Tickets for events, concerts, movies etc.

    Will Assistance with standard of living funding be included in my plan?

    • The need for Assistance with existence funding is assessed by the NDIS or My Aged Care on a case-by-case basis.
    • It will be included if it’s considered a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support that meets your needs and can facilitate your to realize your goals.
    • That is only one more reason why it’s so important to be prepared for your NDIS Plan or Home Care Plan or Home Care Plan meeting!

    ADACSS can help you to prepare your meetings. Talk to us about the most effective way to prepare your NDIS Plan or Home Care Plan or Plan Review meeting – we will confirm you have got the best chance of getting the assistance you would like. 

    Call us on 0439 108 935 to own your questions answered or book your free NDIS or My Aged Care Application pre-planning session or join up ADACSS NDIS plan or Home Care Package management today.

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    What the assistance with daily life services are available?

    Assistance to keep you safe in your house

    • For instance Domestic assistance will
    • Help to keep your home and environment clean and livable, for example:
      • general house cleaning
      • clothes washing and ironing
      • shopping
      • Home maintenance services

    Assistance to keep your house and garden in a clean and safe condition, for instance by:

      • installing a security light
      • clearing the yard of debris
      • home modification services

    Assistance to improve or maintain your ability to move around your house, could be improved by for instance:

    • ramps
    • accessible bathroom redesign
    • grab rails
    • Goods, equipment and assistive technology

    Assistance Services that will keep you healthy, well and independent by providing

    • Food Services and Meal preparation
    • Assistance for eating well, such as:
      • assistance with food preparation
      • meal delivery services

    Personal care services will

    • Assist your personal hygiene and grooming, such as:
      • taking bathing
      • getting in and out of bed
      • taking medication

    Home Nursing Services will

    • Assist to treat and monitor medical conditions at your home

    Allied health / therapy services will

    • Assist to take care of movement and mobility, such as:
      • physiotherapy
      • occupational therapy

    Services that allow me to interact with my community by using

    • Transport services
    • Help to encourage you go out and about to appointments and community activities, for example:
      • driver service
      • travel vouchers and subsidies
      • Social support services
    • Help to stay socially active and take part in community life, for example:
      • In-home social calls
      • phone and internet communication services
      • group social activities
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    How "Assistance with Daily Life" works for NDIS and Home Care Package Participants

    Assistance with Daily Life for NDIS Participants

    For an eligible NDIS participant, the flexibility to personalise NDIS services and supports specific to your disability is a life changer. A life changer therein your supports are personal, determined and structured to support your daily needs, as you progress through your daily goals, toward your life goals.

    An NDIS plan brings a planned approach, dependability and also ensure that your daily needs have been acknowledged, to be met and planned for.

    A permanent disability can change its daily routine and wishes overnight in some cases.

    For once you start living with a permanent disability, it is difficult to get consistency or certainty on how your permanent disability will effect your daily routine each day. Indeed, in some cases such as episodic permanent disability, it could be very difficult to predict when or how it will present, day to day.

    Each day, your NDIS  Plan will provide a reasonable and necessary services and supports for you. To do this the NDIS pays directly to the registered provider for the approved specific services based upon the functional impairment of the NDIS and Elderly participant’s needs.

    Assistance with Daily Life for Home Care Package (HCP) Participants

    As you grow old, living independently in your own home can become not ease every passing single day. You may find it more difficult to do the things you used to do it with ease, so you can ask for some help at home.

    Asking for help doesn’t mean losing your independence; it’s actually just finding an alternative way. Getting a little help with daily activities means you will able to stay active and independent in your own house for extended time. Actually most of the time, a small help can create a far better life.

    Help at your house sometimes may look different for various people. For some of us, it could mean getting help with cooking or shopping or it could be receiving support to dressing, bath and getting help in and out of bed. It may even mean getting alterations to enhance your safety and movement around your home and garden.

    Getting some help at home will help you to continue to live independently in your own house and surroundings for as long as possible.

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    Why the assistance with daily life is important?

    ADACSS can assist with your daily living so you will be able to make the most of the surroundings and space you have.

    Managing your cleaning means that you can live in a more safe and a pleasant surroundings where you can safely be active around with ease and use all necessary utilities.

    What are some samples of how assistance with daily life can help you?

    • ADACSS Care Teams will to help you to set and meet your individual goals such as to be more active and independent and learn the optimal way to take care independently yourself on day to day activities around your house..
    • You will able to live in a safe and cleaner surroundings where you may access the utilities you wish with ease within your house and garden.
    • You will learn new skills and feel satisfied when you are meeting your goals

    What does assistance with daily life look like?

    ADACSS support workers can help your day to day  with domestic duties in:

    • The kitchen where is the one of the most important room you will get help with dish washing, cleaning cabinets, microwaves, fridges, sinks and surfaces like bench tops, floor and walls, organising utensils and food, and preparing meals and doing grocery shopping.
    • The laundry if you would like to get help with ironing or clothes washing, hanging or organising clothes
    • The bathroom is another room that is critical, to clean floors, tiles or glass surfaces, toilets, baths or showers.
    • The garden, if you would like to get help raking up leaves, or mowing the lawn.
    • And in any other room in your house or garden that may need cleaning, dusting, organising, mopping and more.
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    Assistance with daily life in the main support categories

    To assist with daily living and to enhance a participant’s general health and wellbeing, there are three main support categories available to eligible NDIS participants, such as:

    • core
    • capital
    • capacity building

    This support is individualised to the daily routine of a participant based upon their personal needs to live with the daily impairment of their disability and aging body for senior Australians towards their goals.

    For NDIS and Home Care Package Participants, the Core category includes supports to help a participant to live as independently as possible at their home and in the community with supports such as

    • daily personal activities, such as activities related to personal hygiene; such as bathing and showering,
    • assistance and supervision with dressing
    • a support worker to help and supervise the regularity and daily structure of personal daily tasks
      • mobility to get in and out of bed
      • assistance with household task; washing, changing the beds, cleaning
      • assistance in shared living with family members, relatives or friends
    • assistance with Respite Care – Short Term Accommodation and Assistance or Supported Independent Living

    What is NDIS Capacity Building component of Improved Daily Living?

    This support is that the capacity-building category of NDIS supports or sometime Home Care Package  and covers the participants’ goals such as:

    • helping with care and support general life skills,
    • improve your life skills and well being with a personalised counselling
    • by enhancing you life skills, will help you to build your independence and your autonomy 
    • by training your carers to assist with their own personal needs.
    • by helping and arranging you to attend your appointments
    • by helping and assistance with therapy assessment and supports.

    Why the Assistance with Daily Living support is different for each participant?

    Each NDIS Plan or Home Care Package are different for each participant, because their need for funded assistance with Daily Living depends on the specific needs of their disability’s or growing old impairments and daily functioning.

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    Why the assistance with daily life is important?

    The assistance with daily life is very important because it is important to help with daily living and to enhance a participant’s general health and wellbeing.

    Domestic Support involves a care worker visiting your home and assisting you with various tasks that you just might not be capable to complete by yourself. Our care workers are here to help to assist you with daily activities like tidying the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, vacuuming or mopping the floors and dusting around your house.

    This support will assist you to work towards achieving your goals of remaining independent in your own home for extended period, and make sure that you are supported to live safely within your home environment.

    ADACSS provides below services to help people with a disability and elderly at their home

    Daily living aids for participants who are people with disability or senior Australian

    • Help for seniors with disabilities
    • Help at home for disabled pensioners
    • Help with cleaning for disabled
    • Home help for disabled adults
    • Help with housework
    • Assisted living services
    • Garden and backyard maintenance
    • Assistance with food preparation
    • Washing in-home or arranging a laundry service
    • Help with moving around in your home or community
    • Helping with tasks around your home
    • Assistance with daily activities
    • Domestic support for NDIS participants

    Why is assistance with daily life important?

    ADACSS team will help with your daily living so that you will make the most of the living space you have got. For instance, getting on top of your cleaning means that you will live in a safer and more pleasant environment where you can move around with ease and use all necessary utilities. In addition to that you will also learn daily living skills such as cleaning dishes or mopping floors that can make it easier for you to maintain a clean environment.

    What are some samples of how assistance with daily life will help you?

    • ADACSS can assist you to set and meet your goals to be more independent and find out how to take care of cleaning tasks around the house
    • You can begin to enjoy in a cleaner environment where you will be able to access the utilities you need with ease within your house
    • Learn new skills and feel fulfilled with meeting your goals
    • Understand how you will maintain your cleaner, safer space so that you can become more independent

    How the assistance with daily life looks like?

    ADACSS support workers can help you with your day to day domestic activities:

    • The kitchen where you will able to get help with dishwashing, cleaning cabinets, microwaves, fridges, sinks and surfaces like benchtops, floor and walls, organising utensils and food, and preparing meals and doing grocery shopping
    • The laundry if you would like, help with ironing or clothes washing, hanging or organising clothes
    • The bathroom, to wash floors, tiles or glass surfaces, toilets, baths or showers
    • The garden, if you want to help raking up leaves, or mowing the lawn
    • And in the other room that may need cleaning, dusting, organising, mopping and more.

    How can you access Assistance with Daily Life through ADACSS?

    If your NDIS Plan or Home Care Package includes funding for “Assistance with Daily Life” then ADACSS Support Teams are here to help!

    We want to assist you achieve your goals by within your own house safely and independently. If you’re searching best for assistance contact to us. ADACSS is a proud, registered NDIS Provider, offering an array of quality disability and home care services to participants in NSW. 

    Get in touch by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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