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Find a range of support, from in-home personal care to support at work or in the community. The support you receive is entirely up to you and is most effective when you get creative. Think about what you want to achieve and the skills you want to develop, and how a worker can support you to do that.


ADACSS tailor care services to suit Carers’ needs

Support for people in a caring role for NDIS, Disability or Aged Care Field

Our friendly team members at ADACSS are dedicated to supporting you in your caring role. Whether you are caring for a family member or a friend as a husband, wife, neighbour, or a young person, we understand that you have your own life and demands, such as work, childcare, or interests, outside of being a carer.

We understand that being a carer can be a rewarding but difficult task. When caring for someone, whether it is for a few hours a week or all day every day, it is often easy to forget to look after your own health and wellbeing. Whether you’re a young carer or working as a carer, we’re here at ADACSS to support you while you support the person you’re caring for.

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a break

ADACSS Carers take over while you take a break

We are committed to supporting you and giving you a break from the challenges of assisting someone with their daily tasks and providing emotional support as a carer. At ADACSS, we believe that respite care is more than just a break for carers – it can enable you the opportunity to take a much-needed break, focus on yourself, other family members, and reconnect with your life.

ADACSS can give you in-home, emergency, overnight, or flexible respite care depending on your needs. ADACSS cares about your wellbeing and goals – we will support you, give you advice, and assist you in balancing your carer role. We connect carers with services and networks for a break, enjoy activities together, make new friendships and discover new interests.

You’re not alone as NDIS, Disability or Elderly Carers, ADACSS here to help you too.

Convenience and peace of mind

ADACSS is an experienced, leading NDIS provider of support services throughout Sydney. We are committed to providing you or a loved one with an accessible and wide range of services, covering all your needs so you can continue doing what you enjoy with peace of mind.

Dedicated Customer Care Team

Our in-house Customer Care coordinators are caring and knowledgeable and will guide you through the services and government funding available so you can make the best choices to suit you. The team at ADACSS is culturally diverse. They have the experience to understand your needs to advocate on your behalf.

The right support – your way

The right support – your way From participating in social activities to living independently and receiving meals delivered to your door, we will work with you to provide disability care in a way that best suits you. You can trust us to provide respectful and professional care throughout your experience with us.

We’re here to support you

We’re here to support you At ADACSS, our goal and main priority are to help you (or a loved one) live the way you choose and get the most from your NDIS plan to support your daily lifestyle goals. Our friendly Customer Care Team members are here to support you to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Our vision is that every life can be a good one.


“I became human for a while – an absolute
blessing!” – Judith

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Contact us today at  0439 108 935 or submit an enquiry to speak with one of our friendly Customer Care Coordinators who will guide you through the process.


Visit the NDIS website at ndis.gov.au to learn more about eligibility and to develop a support plan.


Receive support services from ADACSS according to your plan goals and live the life you choose.

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