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Overnight Home Care

It is almost essential for every household who has a disabled person in it to have the best care possible. And it’s always better if this is taken care of in the individuals own household instead of a nursing home. When that’s the case, the elderly person can enjoy their living in their own households. As the ADACSS team, we have realised that the vast majority of people that chose to stay in their houses for care and nursing are way happier than other elderly people who have gone to nursing homes. If this is the case for you or someone you hold dear to, then the ADACSS home care team is right for you. We offer a wide variety of services in our overnight home care services for the elderly so they can pick and choose the perfect environment they want to be in, in order to achieve their full independence in their home lives.


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    What is Overnight Home Care?

    Overnight home care is exactly as it sounds, we will send you one of our registered home carers to take care of you. The professional caregiver will stay in your house and will help you with the tasks that need to be taken care of all day long. Overnight care can make a huge difference when needed since it enables the individual to live in their homes by themselves for as long as possible. However since the thought of someone staying in your house can be challenging, we always suggest anyone who considers this support to talk with their NDIS provider to learn everything they can about overnight home care.

    What is Active Overnight Home Care

    Since everyone’s needs differ from person to person, we offer both an active and an inactive overnight home care for elders. The basic difference is that if you are getting active overnight home care, the caregiver will be awake throughout the night and the caregiver will make sure to support you or your loved one who might need it. The active overnight home care services are usually for people with severe disabilities, dementia or elders who might need to take their medication at a specific time at night. The active overnight home care is also highly helpful for people who might cause self-harm to themselves unintentionally.

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    What Services are Included in the Overnight Home Care

    We know  that you or your loved one has different needs to fulfil, that’s why the ADACSS team offers a broad range of services. The services are as follows but not limited to:

    Assistance with personal care and hygiene

    Our professional caregivers can help you with washing yourself, oral hygiene, shaving, grooming, teeth cleaning and much more. Just be sure to address it to us.

    Shopping for groceries

    The caregiver, who is helping you in your household, can also help you by buying the things you might need in your house from the supermarket.

    Help with transport 

    Your caregiver can help you with your transport by driving you to places that you might need to go or accompanying you on the way if you are using public transport. 

    Assistance with medical condition

    Your caregiver will be happy to help you with the time you are supposed to take your medicine, or they can even control your medical situation and make sure that you are perfectly fine.

    Help with light housekeeping 

    The caretaker can also help you clean your house or even do it for you.

    When Do You Need Overnight Care?

    If you or your significant other need help with day-to-day tasks or they aren’t comfortable being home alone overnight then a service like this can be really useful for you. If you also need help with medication and when to take it, this service also comes in really handy.

    How Much Does Overnight Home Care Cost?

    Since the plan is highly customizable and can be tailored according to your needs, we made sure that the cost is also really flexible. So you should always talk with your NDIS provider about the services you want and how long you will need the services.

    Overnight Caregiver Services in Sydney

    We are sure that it feels daunting, starting to look for an overnight caregiver service. That’s where we believe that the ADACSS team can help you. You can also ask any question you might need answered about our services. As the team of ADACSS, we are here to help anyone that might need help in Sydney. Get in touch by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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