NDIS Funding

National Disability Insurance Scheme Funding

What is NDIS funding?

NDIS, short for “National Disability Insurance Scheme” provides support to those who have a disability  that affects their family, career and life. NDIS is funded and governed by the Australian Government. The NDIS was introduced to Australia in 2016, and it has been supporting disabled people with support packages since. When fully implemented, it is expected that there will be around half a million eligible people getting individualised support from the NDIS.


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    Objectives of the NDIS

    The objectives and goals of the NDIS are:

    • Supporting the people who aren’t independent, both socially and economically due to their disability.
    • Providing supports whenever it’s reasonable and necessary
    • Giving people the choice to reach their own goals by planning and delivering types of support.
    • Promoting the provision of high quality and innovative support to people with disabilities.

    The NDIS plans to replace the earlier system of disability care provided under the National Disability Agreement (NDA).

    How to Get NDIS Funding?

    NDIS funding makes it possible so that many people can benefit from the support the Australian Government provides, the process of applying for NDIS is quite simple but understanding whether you’re eligible or not may be challenging First of all, the participant will be asked a few questions about eligibility. The main criterias of the NDIS for eligibility are:

    • The participant must be under 65 years of age
    • The participant must be an Australian citizen
    • The participant should meet the disabled eligibility requirements determined by the NDIS

    In order to maximise your chances, the questions need to be answered confidently and reasonably.

    A reasonable amount of evidence must also be provided in order to get the NDIS funding you require. The following questions will also be asked and evidence will be needed:

    • What is the person’s disability and how severe is it?
    • Is the disability permanent?
    • How impactful is the disability to the person’s life?
    • Is there a treatment that the individual is currently receiving?

    After the answers and the evidence is assessed by the NDIS and your access request is approved, you will be able to create your own NDIS plan using your own NDIS funding.


    How to Spend NDIS Funding

    Although the needs of a person are very variable, you can create your own NDIS plan using your NDIS funding in order to reach your goals. Provided it’s reasonable and necessary, there are three types of supports you can receive:

    Core Supports

    Core support budget is the most flexible one and you can probably easily get this type of support. Core support budget includes consumables, daily activities, transport and so on. Your core support  is almost always based on your current disability related needs. As with every kind of support, core support aims to help you reach your goal. Core support also assists with social community participation, these mayinclude art classes, happenings, sport coachings, mentoring and so much more that you can learn from your NDIS provider. Most of these supports are also tied to capacity building.

    Capacity Building Supports

    Capacity building supports aim to sharpen your skills to help you reach your goals. Capacity building supports are an addition to core supports as it ensures that you are able to perform day-to-day tasks on your own. For example, core supports can provide you food; and capacity building supports can show you how to cook more nutritious meals. There are nine capacity building support categories from which you can get NDIS funding. The funding will be based on your NDIS plan, so you won’t be getting support from all 9 categories. The nine categories of capacity building supports are:

    1. Coordination of Supports
    2. Improved Living Arrangements
    3. Increased Social and Community Participation
    4. Finding and Keeping a Job
    5. Improved Relationships
    6. Improved Health and Wellbeing
    7. Improved Daily Living
    8. Improved Life Choices
    9. Improved Learning

    Capital Supports

    Capital support budget relates to high-cost supports such as assistive technology, home/vehicle modifications or personal disability equipment. The NDIS funding for these supports will include delivery, set-up, adjustment and maintenance as needed.

    Depending on your situation, there are people who can help you, so once you put your NDIS plan into action you should always aim towards your goals so you can reach there faster.

    NDIS Funding Amounts

    There isn’t a set amount of funding provided by the NDIS. Your funding will be based on your disability and circumstances, you can receive any amount of funding as long as it’s reasonable and necessary. Your request will then be reviewed and approved by an NDIS professional. You can either self-manage your plan or you can include a plan manager in your NDIS plan. If you decide to self-manage your plan, you will be responsible for making appointments, managing your funding, buying the supports you require and so on. If you are unable to self-manage your plan, you can also choose to work with a plan manager who will assist you with the tasks mentioned above and much more. You can find registered providers by using the “provider finder” tool in your NDIS MySpace portal or you can just call us! A parent or a responsible adult can also manage an NDIS plan on behalf of a child if he/she is under 18 years old.


    We Can Manage Your NDIS Funding Package

    A plan manager, besides other benefits, can show you how to self-manage your plan in the future, increase your choice of providers and just increase your overall financial and budgeting skills. Our skilled plan managers are registered by the NDIS, which means that they have met stricts quality and safety requirements.

    To learn more about the NDIS funding or if you have any questions you can always contact us. As the team of ADACSS, we are here to help anyone that might need help in Sydney. Get in touch with our NDIS Plan management specialists by calling us at 0292327055, send us an email or book online.

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