ADACare In-Home Care Nursing

ADACare in-home care nursing is when the NDIS or elderly participants live in their own houses and have a ADACare qualified nurse or carer. They visit them depending on their requests for an agreed number of hours per week. Our qualified nurses will assist them with day-to-day necessities like cooking and eating, taking a bath, wound care, transportation, and more.

In-home care nursing is best suited for NDIS or aged care participants who don’t require 24/7 care. They are for people who would like to remain in their own home for as long as possible.

people at nursing home

What are the benefits of ADACare In-Home Care Nursing?

The main benefit of in-home care nursing is getting to live more comfortably and independently in your own home. The familiar surroundings can be very helpful, especially to those with memory-related conditions like dementia.

Secondly, it brings health, nutritional, and personal care to the home. During these tough times throughout COVID-19, it could be a preferred way of living.

Thirdly, participants get to benefit from one-to-one care, as opposed to care in nursing homes where nurses or caregivers have a number of NDIS participants/private patients to attend to. Therefore you get their full attention to complete your needs and requests in a timely manner.

Also, most institutions are for the elderly, but in-home care nursing makes care available to people of all ages and abilities. According to the NDIS price guide, it’s generally more affordable and participants can utilise the services as and when they want. Overall, giving them more control over their budget.

Finally, care is more personalised. Therefore care protocols can be created to address specific needs, and can be adapted according to the routine the patient is most comfortable with.

As a result of participants staying in their own home, they can maintain their own independence and privacy. This is as opposed to the schedules set in nursing home.

As well as all the above reasons, NDIS and aged care participants can still be apart of the community they’re used to. They can live with family, have pets and enjoy the life they choose!

SIL, Nursing Home Vs in-Home Nursing

Supported Independent Living (SIL), nursing home care and home care nursing each serves a purpose. So it really does depend on the NDIS participant and the private elderly patient’s needs and wants in terms of getting care and support.

However, if you prefer to be closer to personalised healthcare and support, whilst living in your home. Then ADACare home care nurses are here to help you. Whilst you enjoy your familiar environment, live close to your friends and remain independent.

If you or your loved one want to continue living at home and you need a companion or a nurse. To help you accomplish daily tasks, or need reminding about taking medication or the like, then you should look into ADACare home care nursing. It’s definitely the solution if you want to remain more independent, stay in comfortable surroundings, and yes, have a pet – many nursing homes don’t allow them!

And if you’re looking for a private duty nurse, certified nurse assistant, or a companion to provide in-home support for yourself or a family member; Your friends at ADACare are ready to help out…

Contact us online and gain access to a database of skilled, experienced and caring home care nurses and carers you can use immediately.